3 Questions Answered about the Connection Rio house

“What’s life like in the Connection Rio house?” is a big question a lot of people ask before coming to Rio. “Will I like it there? What are the people like? Is it the right place for me?” In this latest blog I will give some of my experiences and attempt to shed some light on what living at Connection Rio is like.

Jamie Hughes is from Wales, UK, and is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt under Pedro Bessa. Jamie is currently living and training in Rio De Janeiro for 3 months as part of the Connection Rio sponsored athlete programme. You can read his blog “Espanthalo BJJ” here.

“What’s life like in the Connection Rio house?”

Since I arrived here at Connection Rio I have seen numerous people come and go but the one thing that stands out for me is all the really interesting people from all around the world you get to meet, I have made friends with people from every corner of the world including the UK, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Jordan, Paraguay, Peru, Morocco, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, and that’s just off the top of my head.


“What are the people like?”

It’s really hard to think of many other places where you will get to meet people with the same shared interest all in one place. That has probably been my favourite part of Connection Rio, you almost become a team in your own right as your train together, eat together and explore Brazil.

Another thing I have really liked about staying here at the house is all the jiu jitsu knowledge and ideas you pick up from the vast array of practitioners who stay here, its really great to be in mid conversation about jiu jitsu technique and having the luxury of walking two feet away and having mats there to learn or work on the topic of conversation, I’ve been lucky enough to pick up techniques and variations I had never seen before.

“Is it the right place for me?”

Another great thing about being here at Connection Rio is you can do things on your own terms without anybody forcing you or limiting you to do things at certain times, if you want to train 3x a week and spend the rest of the time exploring Brazil you can do it and people from the house will often join you on your adventures, or if you’re like me and want your focus to be on training first and foremost you can do and will be surrounded by like minded people who will always be there to help push you or get you motivated for your next session.

The benefits of staying in either of the Connection Rio houses are numerous, but what I will say is if you like jiu jitsu, meeting new people and experiencing different things every day, then this is the ideal place to base yourself for your trip in Rio.


From training and accommodation to academy visits and special tours, and even small group classes with the best teachers Rio has to offer, Connection Rio offers everything you need for the perfect jiu-jitsu holiday!

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