Yoga For Jiu-jitsu: Sebastian Broche bridges the gap to BJJ

Yoga for Jiu-jitsu: Sebastian Broche bridges the gap between Yoga and Jiu-jitsu. This union is an aswer to the many practitioners “plateau” in training and the beginners getting off on the right foot, making it easier to build their games from the start. The answers to overcoming a plateau in training and opening up your Jiu-jitsu game is much more simple than one might expect.

Sebastian Broche, who teaches Yoga for Jiu-jitsu is a brown belt champion hailing from Eduardo “teta” Rio’s Frontline Academy in Oslo Norway. Over the past several years, application of Yoga has taken an already outstanding ability in Jiu-jitsu and expanded it to another level of efficiency. Most notably Sebastian has described the physical advantages when playing guard. Moves that where once unaivailable in his guard game became available as his flexibility expanded, creating new options to work with.

Sebastian Broche Outdoor Pose

“If you spare some time every day to relax,wind down and do Yoga, you are right on track to transform your body and your BJJ career. Because there is not a single Yoga-pose or Yoga technique that is not directly relevant  to your Jiu-Jitsu game.

The more Yoga and BJJ you practice, the more you will realize that the essence in the two is the same, and everything you learn in Yoga can be immediately applied on the mat.” – Sebastian Broche

Dennis Asche Yoga Pose

“As where to train Yoga is a frequent question at Connection Rio, I would like to personally recommend Sebastian’s Yoga for Jiu-jitsu. A great advantage to working with these classes is the fact that no matter where your travels or daily life take you, Yoga for Jiu-jitsu classes are available. I personally am a fan and have begun to implement Sebastian’s lessons into my own training. I recommend you do the same for yourself!” – Dennis Asche

For information on Yoga União go to their official site – Yoga for Jiu-jitsu official site

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