Wrestling for MMA seminar with Connection Rio team member

Adapting the entries, tie-ups, throws, trips and takedowns of wrestling for MMA or BJJ requires a dedicated and knowledgeable coach who understands the intricacies of the different styles of grappling.

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Connection Rio team member Torryn Heffelfinger is a man who matches that description. A wrestler with 14 years of experience, he has worked extensively with MMA fighters and grapplers in Rio de Janeiro ranging from UFC fighters such as Erick Silva and Paulo Thiago to members of the world-famous BOPE.

Come this weekend, Torryn will be teaching in Nova Friburgo at Anderson Franca’s gym, Fight Co. Located just a few hours outside of Rio de Janeiro is the mountains north of the city, the gym is known for their great muay thai and Anderson has trained fighters including UFC KO artist Edson Barboza.

They obviously have a great striking base but want to build their level in wrestling and BJJ level, so they may move their training to focus more on MMA.

Torryn will go there to give a seminar that will show his blend of wrestling techniques that will give the team a solid introduction to MMA wrestling methodology.

Wrestling at Connection Rio

In addition to training MMA fighters and giving seminars, Torryn also gives private lessons to Connection Rio guests and even runs a FREE wrestling class for people staying at the Connection Rio house.

Photo by Vito Photography

Photo by Vito Photography

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