Wrestling for BJJ in Rio: Training at CBLA Rio

Wrestling for BJJ in Rio, one of the most practical forms of training that any competitor or practitioner can participate in to improve their game.

Connection Rio Wrestling at CBLA – Tijuca

This last week Connection Rio BJJ hostels guests spent time training with Daniel Piratiev Alvarez or “Pirata” as he is known on the mats. Pirata aside from being a Pan American Silver medalist is Jose Aldo’s Wrestling coach. He put together a great session that had the class applying the same principals of Wrestling on the ground as standing.

Big thanks to CBLA  President Pedro Gama Filho allowing Connection Rio’s guests to take part in the training. Wrestling at CBLA training center was great and Connection Rio BJJ hostels will be making another trip in the near future.


Where ever you’re from where ever you want to train, Connection Rio is your connection in Rio de Janeiro. Contact us today for information on booking your stay.

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