The WORST thing about training BJJ in Rio (it’s not what you think)

People usually have a laundry list of things they’re worried about before they come to Brazil. Before training BJJ in Rio, they’ll be told by friends and relatives that they’ll get kidnapped, robbed, whatever…

But this isn’t the worst thing about training BJJ in Rio – not by a long shot.

When people choose to focus on the negative things about Rio, they point to things such as crime, the cost of living, traffic jams – things that every big city in the world deals with!

If you’ve ever been to a big city, from from Bangkok to LA or London to NYC, and NOT experienced tourist prices and traffic problems, I’m not sure I believe you’ve actually been there.


Sure, Rio has these problems too, but it’s dealing with them really well. The crime rate has dropped drastically over the last few years and muggings of tourists is at an al-time low.

Traffic has always been a problem in Rio, and that’s why they’re extending the subway system (so it runs right past the Connection Rio house).

So if the commonly-held problems aren’t really problems any more, what is the worst thing about training BJJ in Rio?

I’ll tell you…


It’s having to go home.

99.9% of the people who come to Rio to train BJJ fall in love with the city, the lifestyle, the amazing weather and of course the jiu-jitsu.

And the WORST thing by far is having to leave that behind and go back home to the real world. A world where you don’t train 2-3 times a day, where you can’t buy acai on every street corner, and where the beach is never more than a short walk away.

So if you handle going back to reality, Connection Rio might just be for you.

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