Who is ‘Gordo’?

People who come to train BJJ in Rio de Janeiro usually have a specific gym in mind they want to train at. Sometimes, it’s the team they are affiliated with, sometimes they’ve been recommended to go there, and sometimes it’s just because they’ve heard good things and want to see what the fuss is about.

Many people who come and stay at Connection Rio train at Gordo’s nearby BJJ gym. It makes sense as it takes less than 60 seconds to walk from the door of the Connection Rio house to the mat!

Gordo overseeing training at his academy in Rio de Janeiro

Gordo overseeing training at his academy in Rio de Janeiro

Who exactly is Gordo? As you can see from this profile on BJJ Heroes, he is a former world champion, well-respected trainer and technical innovator. He’s also widely credited with developing the modern half guard as an attacking position, which changed competition jiu-jitsu for good.

If you want to know what training at Gordo’s is like check out this detailed academy guide from our friends at Train BJJ in Rio.

Here is a nice short video from Gracie Mag of Gordo showing a half guard technique, although it’s in Portuguese (Gordo does speak and teach in English).

Check out this old school fight of Gordo in action against Wallid Ismail – Gordo is one of the very few people to have beaten Wallid in the gi!

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