Where to Train BJJ in Rio de Janeiro

“Where to Train BJJ in Rio de Janeiro” is a frequent question visiting athletes ask before arriving in the Cidade Maravilhosa. There are many BJJ and MMA academies with legitimate professors and coaches, which can make choosing where to train a hand full.

At Connection Rio we have weekly outings, special tours and inside knowledge of BJJ and MMA academies across the city of Rio bringing guests to some of the World’s best, most sought out academies. On our regular outings, CR makes it a habit to document many visits helping to shed light on academies that almost seem mythical from a lack of information and insight to what training there is really like. Our latest is a compilation video by BJJ Hacks showing three great sessions at: BTT, Robson Gracie JR. and De La Riva academies. Take a look inside the academies and see for yourself what training there is like. WATCH CONNECTION RIO’S ACADEMY MIX VIDEO

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