What to do when it rains in Rio De Janeiro

It seems that even in paradise it rains. Unfortunately we’ve had our fair share of rain in the past few weeks, which has limited the beach time dramatically. Having said that, it’s easy to still make the best of your time here.

This blog was written by Peter, Connection Rio house manager. He’ll be blogging weekly on life and training BJJ in Rio de Janeiro.

Rain means lower temperatures and thus easier training. People will also be a lot more inclined to go for an extra session in between classes. Personally I like these sessions the best. Connection Rio hosts guests from all around the globe, with very diverse games. You never know when you might pick up something that will benefit your game greatly. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that cause a massive jump in skill.

Aside from extra training, rainy days open up some time to study tape and watch instructionals. Unlike at home, I can watch a DVD here and jump straight into drilling. Needless to say, that has made it much easier to incorporate the techniques in to my game.

It’s not all jiu jitsu though, generally people will spend more time in front of their PC, chatting on Facebook or uploading pictures on Instagram.

These pictures have helped to show what life in Rio is like; it is much more than just main attractions like Christ the Redeemer or Sugarloaf. It’s definitely a good way to find some hidden gems, like this picture taken from a cocktail bar at Lagoa.

One of Peter's shots, looking out over Lagoa at sunset

One of Peter’s shots, looking out over Lagoa at sunset

Facebook is a nice way for guests to keep in touch with their loved ones but it can also be a way to enhance your social life here in Rio. Befriending people you’ve met either in or out of the gym opens up new ways to explore the city, as Cariocas know much more about the city than anyone in the house ever will.

Regardless of how much it rains, it’s important to make the best of your time here, whether it’s through jiu-jitsu or by having a good time. And remember: after the rain comes sunshine!

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