What type of neighborhood is the Connection Rio house in?

Want to know what kind of neighborhood the Connection Rio house is located in? It’s not what you think! Read on for more…

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Connection Rio is based in Barrinha, a section of Rio De Janeiro by the coast, just to the east of Barra De Tijuca. Barrinha is an affluent area. Before I came here I was nervous about going to, what I believed to be a poor city, until I discovered how much houses were worth in the area Connection Rio is in (consistently above £1 million). Then I was more than reassured, this was of course confirmed when I came here and found out what a nice area it really is.

Barrinha is very safe. There are no favelas (slums) in or around Barrinha. Walking around the streets I genuinely feel completely safe, as do I when I’m on the buses, which are not just safe but are also clean and modern, not to mention there is bus stop just yards away from the Connection Rio house.

The whole atmosphere in and around Barrinha is great, the people are warm and friendly. The staff in any shop are always helpful, some of whom speak English, and the ones that don’t always still try and help you with whatever you need and are very patient.


Everything you will ever need is only a few minutes’ walk away from Connection Rio as Barrinha is abundant with shops of every variety. There is a large supermarket, a bakery, cafes, not to mention two different BJJ clubs within walking distance, one of them, Gordo’s, is around 100 meters from the Connection Rio house!

There’s also lots of fun to be had in Barrinha. There is a large white sand beach just a few minutes’ walk from Connection Rio, which has surfing and volleyball for the active and lots of loungers and kiosks selling coconuts and drinks for those who want to relax.

There is also an amazing mountain, Pedra da Gávea, which is not only fun to climb but also provides spectacular views of Rio De Janeiro at the summit, and Connection Rio lies at the foot of it! There are also great social possibilities in Barrinha as it is filled with cafes, restaurants and bars, not to mention Ipanema and Copacabana are only a short bus ride away.

Connection Rio is centred in a very nice hospitable area of Rio where everything you will ever need is just a minute away and the whole of Rio is just a 2.75 Reais bus journey away, around 80p or 1.2 US Dollars.






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