What Happens When You First Arrive? & Advice for Adapting to Training in Rio

The first couple of days here in Rio are usually used as an adjustment period for visitors to get used to flow of life here in the home of BJJ. There are always going to be differences between your life at home and your life here in Rio, especially if you’re stepping up your training volume, and it’s important to allow a little time at the beginning of your trip to get used to those changes.

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When you get off the plane you will be picked up at the airport by Connection Rio’s resident driver and brought straight to your accommodation. If you’re staying at the CR HQ then there will usually be people hanging round the pool, or if not, in one of the common rooms. Make sure to introduce yourself, luckily everyone at Connection Rio is friendly as there is a great atmosphere here so you will easily make friends.

Once you’ve unpacked your bags, at your first opportunity you should go to the local supermarket and have a look around any other local shops as to familiarise yourself with the area in case you need anything in future. Also make sure to buy plenty of food, including healthy items such as fruit, this is especially important if your are planning on training lots, as you will need to fuel yourself properly as this will give you the energy you will need when rolling with high level black belts in your second session of the day. If you get any other chance to go anywhere else during your first few days, such as the beach or local shopping mall, make sure you take the opportunity, not only will this help you make some great friends here, but also you will no doubt get to sample some of the great acai that Rio has.

Advice on Adapting to Training BJJ in Rio

Relax When You Roll

As for the training side of things, it will take you a couple of days to adjust to training with so many high level guys, and I would say the easiest way to make this adjustment is by relaxing when rolling. You will have plenty of opportunity to roll with black belts in every session so there is no point burning yourself out when you roll with your first one, so it’s best to take it easy at first.

Start Off Slow

Also, if you are planning on training more here that at home then relaxed rolling becomes important to allow your body to adjust to the increased amount of training. When it comes to training in general it is best to start off with fewer sessions rather than more to avoid over training. There is so much training available here at so many academies that you will be able to train as much as you like throughout your trip so you will definitely be able to make up a missed session or two in your first few days.

Avoid Over-Training

This is especially important for those planning a longer trip, as staying in peak condition is vital to making the most out of your trip and being tempted into over-training is definitely a possibility. But I would also say to those planning a relatively short stay here that it’s still not best to train twice a day on your first couple of days.

Rio is an amazing place where you will get a chance to live the real jiu-jitsu lifestyle, but the chances are you aren’t living that lifestyle at the moment so it’s always best to take a couple of days to adjust and before you know it you will be in the flow of Rio.


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