We’ve helped 1000+ people train BJJ in Rio: Here’s how you can experience it too!

The reason we’re the number 1 choice for people training BJJ in Rio is simple. We offer things that nobody else can. So what is it?

Well, for a start we’re the only company providing jiu-jitsu practitioners a place to stay that is 100% geared to BJJ.

• Half our huge living room is matted so people can drill, practice technique or just get in extra rounds of rolling. And they’re always busy!

• We’re situated a 60-second walk from the nearest BJJ gym, Gordo jiu-jitsu, and it’s only a short walk or bus ride to others

• Everyone at Connection Rio is there to practice BJJ. That means NO dirty hippies keeping you awake at night playing guitar when you need to get up early for the morning class!


Life in the Connection Rio house is open to what you want

You’re focussed 100% on training? Then it gets as hardcore as you want it. Budget accommodation, laundry facilities for your gis and a fresh pool to jump into after a tough training session.

It’s the ultimate jiu-jitsu training camp.

Pool-partyInterested in enjoying a jiu-jitsu vacation and seeing the city? Rio is right at your fingertips – you’ll wake up to beautiful rainforest-covered mountains every morning. The pure golden sands of the beach is right there waiting for you to soak up some rays, and there’s ALWAYS something going on, whether it’s a street party, a jungle trek, or just a night our with friends!

Send us an email right now so we can tailor-make YOUR perfect jiu-jitsu vacation in Rio de Janeiro!


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