Wearing Team Patches While training in Brazil: Is it Acceptable?

Wearing team patches while training in Brazil, is it disrespectful or acceptable? Weather or not it is acceptable to wear home team patches while training at other academies in Brazil is another frequently asked question. From my experience here, wearing patches from your home academy makes little difference visiting academies and training in Brazil.

Being proud of your school and what you have been taught is important; if you don’t believe in your professor or what he teaches, why would you train with him in the first place? There is no wrong in wearing your patches to another school as a visitor, what it really comes down to is your attitude and how you interact with the other practitioners at the academy you are visiting. In Rio de Janeiro I know for a fact that: De La Riva, BTT, Gordo Jiu-jitsu, Oswaldo Alves, RFT, Nova Uniao, Wander Braga, Nova Geracao, and many other academies have open doors to all who would like to train. Through first hand experience I have witnessed how visitors are treated at the academies and can honestly tell you that there is little or no difference in how visitors are received in relation to what patches they are wearing on their kimonos.

On the same note, if you are an affiliate from another part of the World visiting  your flagship academy in Rio and wearing affiliate patches there is likely to be a slightly warmer welcome. Naturally this slightly warmer welcome being from a familiarity or recognition of the visitors roots as being close to home.

Training at more than one academy to experience different games and learn different approaches to various situations or just for more people to roll with… What ever the reason there is no wrong in visiting other academies with your patches. Remember where you came from and be proud of your home academy. Now, for those spending extended periods of time at academies here, training for competition it is recommended as a sign of respect to represent the academy you are currently training at through a patch or competing for their team in whatever event you enter.

Again, training as a visitor at an academy here wearing patches from your home academy is acceptable. What will really make the difference of how you are treated is your attitude and respectfulness during the visit.

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