Rio BJJ Camp 2012 spent more than a week at Connection Rio HQ in Rio de Janeiro, for their 2012 BJJ Camp during the Rio International Open and International Masters IBJJF championships.

Train in Rio BJJ camp made the most of their training in Rio taking guided tours through the city with bi-lingual Train in Rio owner, Randy Seawright and a little help from Connection Rio. Rio BJJ Camp: touring Rio de Janeiro

Training for this 2012 Rio BJJ camp took place primarily at BJJ at Gordo Jiu-jitsu and while off the mats they spent time enjoying what this city has to offer. From World famous beaches, breath taking sights, to great healthy restaurants like Canto Alegre, and top notch BJJ training. The group even made it to watch live MMA at WOCS event in AABB Lagoa.

At Connection Rio BJJ hostel, their group met BJJ players from around the World, sharing a great experience together and creating memories to last a lifetime. Thank you for holding your 2012 Rio BJJ camp at CR, we look forward to seeing you again on your next adventures to Rio.

Wherever you’re from where ever you want to train, Connection Rio is your connection in Rio de Janeiro. Contact us today for information on booking your stay.

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