From BJJ in Brazil to Training in the USA

Training in America has been a really cool experience so far. Training with Jeremy at Great Grappling is forcing me to learn a lot of stuff I don’t really use in my own jiu-jitsu as we both have different styles. This can only be a good thing and of course his teaching is second to none, which I already knew from training with him in Brazil.

This post was written by Connection Rio sponsored athlete Lee Wright, who after training BJJ in Rio de Janeiro traveled to the USA via connections he had made in Brazil. Follow his adventures at his blog, and follow him on Twitter.

Lee with Jeremy after a competition

Lee with Jeremy after a competition

As a keen competitor I am also getting plenty of opportunities to compete, just recently (after still recovering from jet lag) I competed at the Newbreed BJJ competition, I managed to win and the team took 2nd place overall – a reflection of Jeremy’s hard work since returning from his time at Connection Rio.

Jeremy is a great teacher and his classes are very structured. The Brazilian classes in comparison are typically a lot more relaxed and laid back, which creates a really cool atmosphere. Overall though, it’s definitely good to experience different teaching styles.

I am competing at the Lutador BJJ open in 3 weeks, another warm up before the PanAms in California in March. We have 6 guys flying out to compete so it will be a awesome experience. Having competed all over the UK multiple times it will be great to put my skills to the test at a major tournament.

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