Training in the Rio Climate: What to Expect, Tips and How it Will Improve your Jiu-Jitsu

When training BJJ in Rio it’s more than likely going to be pretty warm for most people here, as even the Brazilian winter is more like a record summer for many European and North American visitors.

Jamie Hughes is from Wales, UK, and is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt under Pedro Bessa. Jamie is currently living and training in Rio De Janeiro for 3 months as part of the Connection Rio sponsored athlete programme. You can read his blog “Espanthalo BJJ” here.

So what can you expect when training in the climate of Rio?

For starters you’re going to sweat a whole lot, and during your first few sessions it is going to feel like your cardio has taken a major hit. But not to worry, all this is normal. After a week or two of training your body will get used to the climate.


The #1 Tip For Training BJJ in Rio Climate

The most useful tip when training here in Rio’s climate is to stay hydrated! You won’t believe the amount of people who arrive and don’t keep themselves adequately hydrated, and their training suffers as a result. Make sure during the day you always have a bottle of water at hand and you are constantly rehydrating yourself, this will be particularly important during and post training. Be sure to drink plenty of water during a tough training sessions and also supplement your water intake by having some agua de coco or Gatorade to ensure you leave yourself hydrated after training.

The Benefits

And now on to how the climate is going to benefit your jiu jitsu. Rolling in higher temperatures than you are normally used to is going to increase your conditioning and gas tank on the mats. Being from the UK myself (where it is always cold) the climate of Rio has helped me feel so much better in my ability to set a high pace, even in the very warm conditions. So when I get back to the UK, the mild weather should seem a lot easier.

Jamie 'Espanthalo' Hughes

Jamie ‘Espanthalo’ Hughes

Also for you jitsu competitors if you can compete in a stifling gymnasium at a tournament in Rio, the next time you compete at home will seem a whole lot easier in comparison!

Another added bonus of the warmer climate is you will pick up far less injuries, I have been here for close to 3 months now, training hard everyday, and have yet to pick up anything more serious than a bump or bruise.

And of course the best thing about the climate and weather in Rio your going to be a good tan, even someone as pale as myself has managed to catch a tan!

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