Training Jiu-Jitsu with Felipe Costa at The Connection Rio House

This blog was written by Peter, Connection Rio house manager. He’ll be blogging weekly on life and training BJJ in Rio de Janeiro.

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Felipe Costa to the Connection Rio Premier House. The seminar was held outside on the matted-out top floor terrace.

For those who don’t know Felipe Costa, he is a head instructor of the Brasa network, a great teacher and owner of an impressive resume at rooster weight. While these accomplishments are incredible, there is more: Felipe was not always a champion. In fact, he did not win any major tournaments until he was a black belt!

At home (Belgium, Leuven) I train at a Brasa affiliate, which means we have the pleasure of having Felipe over for 2 weeks each year, so I was well aware of Felipe’s teaching prowess. Not having to go anywhere meant I wasn’t missing this opportunity for any money in the world.

Rio de Janeiro’s sun was out in full force, but mercifully it got a little cloudier as the seminar progressed. Felipe gave us the choice between bottom half guard and taking the back. Majority vote went out to taking the back. Instead of teaching separate techniques, he taught us concepts on how to get the back and finish from there.

Felipe Costa teaching a special small group class at the Connection Rio house

Felipe Costa teaching a special small group class at the Connection Rio house

Connection Rio house manager Peter rolling with Felipe Costa

Connection Rio house manager Peter rolling with Felipe Costa

After some specific sparring, Felipe took the time to roll with all of us. In my roll with him, I was on the wrong end of a few rolling back takes. This comes as no surprise, as Felipe is able to take the back against much higher level guys than myself.

Having such a great athlete and instructor over at Connection Rio was simply amazing and training outside only made the whole experience so much more special. Value Felipe!

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