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Photo by BJJ PIX

Photo by BJJ PIX

Hey everybody!

Wow life is hitting me everyday with more and more experience. There are so many moments now…. I feel them changing me. I don’t know if I will be the same person upon return. I’m curious to know how I will react to being back in the US… Well I will find out when my time comes I guess.

This blog was written by Jeremy Arel/Great Grappling student Patrick Hassing who is currently residing at CR Barrinha in Rio de Janeiro.

The Brazilian No Gi nationals tournament was not too long ago and we had a few guys decide to compete. The tourney was only a bus ride away so we all decided to go support our guys and watch the matches! Some of the guys didn’t do too well but our house mate, Mals (English blue belt who is a really good dude), won his division! It was great to watch. He played his game well and was able to dominate his matches. Now he can say that he’s a Brazilian national champ. Mals has been training at Terere’s academy and was the one who brought me there. We were all very happy to see him win and Terere was there to watch as well. Here’s a picture of him after his win. You can imagine how good he was feeling that day!

Patrick Hassing & Zé Mario Sperry

Speaking of champions, Mario came back from China after his match with Fabio Gurgel. If you haven’t heard, the match went the distance with no points scored but Mario won by referee’s decision! It was awesome to watch! Anyways, he brought the trophy and got his gi on to start training with us in the regular classes. The first day he’d come back was probably the best training day I’ve had. It’s not because I rolled well nor was it the partners I had. It was the atmosphere. Everybody was so happy for Mario and the room was filled with happiness. It was a celebration of his accomplishments and we celebrated by training hard. I got a chance to talk with Mario about it. What an experience…. To be a part of such an event. Such a moment… I feel I have become a part of the BJJ community in a way I never thought possible.

Read the full blog and hear more about Patrick’s experience training Jiu-jitsu here in Brazil 


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