Training BJJ in Brazil

Training BJJ in Brazil is what Connection Rio is about. The BJJ Hostel was founded to facilitate traveling BJJ, Submission and MMA athletes time in Brazil. Although Connection Rio BJJ hostel in Rio de Janeiro was officially branded when the HQ opened in 2009, we have been helping organize accommodation and training in Brazil for nearly a decade.

CR BJJ Hostel crew with Milton Vieira at BTT

CR BJJ Hostel crew with Rousimar “Toquinho” Palharis

While in Brazil training BJJ, there is such a large variety of great academies to train at with World class professors, it can be difficult to narrow down where training will take place. CR BJJ hostel is always glad to help in guiding athletes/practitioners of the Arte Suave to an academy that best suits their ideal training. One of the diverse ways for CR guests to learn more about training in Brazil is through our group outings and academy visits.

Rio’s best combination of accommodation and training, contact us today to plan your trip to Rio de Janeiro.

This week a number of CR hostel guests had the opportunity to watch BTT athlete Milton Vieira in preparation for his UFC debut, which will take place this month in Belo Horizonte at UFC 147. Aside from Milton or Miltinho’s training everyone watched Rousimar “Toquinho” Palharis, seeing in person his relentless attacks , smooth transitions and non-stop work ethic from start to finish. All where well received, greeted by BTT leader Murillo Bustamonte with open arms. The Crew from Connection Rio all received autographed photos from both Milton Vieira and Toquinho while sitting down to lunch with Miltinho himself. Great experience and good times for all from Connection Rio BJJ hostel who made it to BTT.

Opportunities like this allow Connection Rio guests to see academies first hand and learn more about the facilities and athletes who train there, in turn helping decide where to train. BTT is one of many academies available to CR guests.

Keep your eyes on the BJJ Hacks channelfor the all original short documentary film on Milton Vieira by Hywel Teague, to be released this month.

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