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Lee Wright is the first person of the 2013 season to join Connection Rio as a sponsored athlete. Lee is staying in Connection Rio in Rio de Janeiro only meters away from Gordo’s gym, where he also trains jiu-jitsu. He is blogging weekly about his experiences staying and training BJJ in Rio.

The past week has been a quiet one, not much training as I’m letting my rib injury heal. Anyone who stays at Connection Rio will tell you one of the worst things is watching the others get their kimonos on to train when you’re still injured!

Despite this week, the last 3 months training have been some of the best ever, from just having high quality training partners to taking private lessons to up my skills – and of course getting promoted to purple belt from Gordo.

I have taken around 5 private lessons with one of Gordo`s black belts, Thiago. This guy has some of the nastiest collar chokes you will experience, it seems impossible to get anywhere near passing his guard without getting tapped with a collar choke. He is also a great guy and always gives me advice on stuff I am doing wrong. If you get the chance to train with him I would really recommend it.

A few weeks back I was promoted to purple belt by Gordo, I really didn`t expect it but after 2.5 years as a blue belt, 2 trips to Brazil and at least 12 competitions at blue belt it was a great feeling. The day he promoted me I had trained 3 times, I was exhausted and just wanted to get home and eat – then Gordo called me out at the end of the class when we lined up. Definitely a day I won`t forget!

There are loads of ways to stay busy when you can’t train – climbing Pedra Da Gavea is a must for all Connection Rio guests; the climb starts at the end of the road from the house so no excuses not to do it!

At the top of Pedra da Gavea, easily accessed from Connection Rio

At the top of Pedra da Gavea, easily accessed from Connection Rio

It takes a couple of hours to get to the top if you’re going at a steady pace. It is hard work but the view at the top is the most amazing view I have experienced in my life. I will defiantly be going up again a few times before I go back to the UK.

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