Training as a Sponsored BJJ Athlete in Rio Brazil

Lee Wright is the first person of the 2013 season to join Connection Rio as a sponsored athlete. Lee is staying in Connection Rio in Rio de Janeiro only meters away from Gordo’s gym, where he also trains jiu-jitsu. This is the first of his weekly blogs of living and training BJJ in Rio.

Lee Wright train BJJ in Rio Brazil

The last few weeks training at Gordo Jiu-jitsu and living at Connection Rio have been a great experience for me. It is my second time in Brazil and it I am enjoying it even more now I am familiar with everything.

Training has gone very well, I have averaged anything between 8 to 10 sessions a week since I arrived in Rio but this week I managed to get a rib injury which will keep me off the mats for around 2 weeks. I think my body is just telling me I need a rest, it is very easy to overtrain in Rio.

The training itself at Gordo’s is great, lots of high level guys to roll with and the techniques are very well explained in both English and Portuguese. I have picked up a lot of things just rolling with good level guys, not how to do a flying reverse berimbolo, but small subtle things like grips that make a huge difference to your game.

The houses at Connection Rio have a nice relaxed atmosphere at the moment, a really good mixture of people. Some are here to live and breathe BJJ while others take a more relaxed approach and enjoy a few training sessions but also like to party hard!! (Jacco comes in at 6am every morning – not bad for someone knocking on 40!). I have met all types of people at Connection Rio during my time and everyone is made to feel welcome and part of the house.

Summer is starting to kick in now and it is getting HOT! It is perfect beach weather and I really can`t get enough of the beaches in Rio, you can never get fed up of the lying on the beach with the beautiful mountains around you! I will miss this a lot when I get back to the UK.

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  1. Amy
    Timmy- your such a fittie! keep up the good work! from tim x
  2. Lee, First off I would like to say congratulations! Hope training and life in Rio is going great, as it sounds like it has. Just a question, how long is your sponsorship and how much have you budgeted for the trip? Thanks Andrew
  3. admin
    Andrew, best to shoot Lee a message on Twitter or Facebook for a speedy reply

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