Stop Worrying and Go: How we make Training BJJ in Rio easy

“What can I expect? Will I be safe? And what is BJJ in Rio really like?” All your answers are in here…

This blog was written by Hywel Teague

Before I came to Rio de Janeiro I wasn’t sure what to expect. I spent days looking at photos of Facebook of my friends who had already been so I could get an idea of what the city looked like.

The semi-official belt rack inside the CR house

The semi-official belt rack inside the CR house

I found plenty of pics of beaches but not too many of the important stuff, like where I would be staying. What was the neighborhood like? What did the Connection Rio house look like? What were the gyms like?

Also, I’d heard some stuff about Rio (not all of it good) and I was a little bit worried. People had told me that the city was kind of wild. I was nervous about that, but to be honest with you I was more worried about the BJJ in Rio.

I was a purple belt when I first came to Rio, and I started getting doubts while I was planning my trip. Would my jiu-jitsu hold up against the locals, or would I get my ass kicked and put on a plane back home in disgrace?

Training BJJ in Rio is easy with Connection Rio

I shouldn’t have worried about anything. I arrived in Rio and was met by a taxi driver who took me directly to the Connection Rio house.

I was warmly welcomed by everyone at the Connection Rio house and they showed me around the local area, taking me to the supermarket, restaurant and where to get the all-important acai.

The gym was only a few seconds walk from the house, although it felt a bit weird to walk down the street wearing my gi I soon got used to it!

Everything You Want To Know Before You Go

In the time since I first came to Brazil Connection Rio have made it even easier for you to come here and train BJJ, and not just that, they also released a lot more information so you know exactly what’s waiting for you.

You can follow Connection Rio on Instagram, watch the videos on YouTube and get updates via Facebook. We release media across all three platforms taking you closer to the real BJJ lifestyle in Rio de Janeiro than anyone else.

Also make sure to check out the brochure, which has all the info you need.

Take it from me – stop worrying and just do it! You won’t regret and you’ll never look back.


Connection Rio is the BEST way to experience jiu-jitsu in Rio de Janeiro – we take care of training, accommodation and more.

The ultimate jiu-jitsu experience is waiting for you – contact us today and plan your trip to train BJJ in Rio!

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