The Importance of Setting Goals While You Train BJJ in Rio de Janeiro

Goals-in-BJJ2014 has arrived and it is an amazing year to train BJJ in Rio de Janeiro! Here’s some training advice for you to start the year off right.

Do you have an objective when you go to the academy, or do you just turn up and roll?

Setting and constantly revising both short-term and long-term goals is a method used by all successful grapplers. Simply hitting the mat and hoping to get better is less efficient than purposefully working on areas that need attention.

What do you do to get better at BJJ? Do you drill specific positions or techniques before or after class? Do you ask your training partners for feedback on your performance? Do you work with your coach to improve specific aspects of your game?

Training is fun, but to improve at jiu-jitsu you need to think about jiu-jitsu for more than the hour or two you are on the mat. Study, drill, train, and study some more.

Try to get a reliable and understanding drilling partner so that you can work together on techniques and positions, both new and old. Be there for them as much as they need, because they’ll repay the favor and will help you develop too.

Set aside some time outside of class to work those problem areas, whether it’s with a partner or by yourself. If you can’t drill or roll, there are always solo drills you can do.

Vary the kinds of training you do outside of sparring. Try slow, deliberate reps. Try speed drills. Try positional sparring drills. Try not using your hands or not taking any grips.

Training jiu-jitsu in Rio de Janeiro will not automatically make you better, the responsibility for that lies only with you.

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Train BJJ in Rio de Janeiro with a goal in mind and you will definitely see an increase in your ability

Train BJJ in Rio de Janeiro with a goal in mind and you will definitely see an increase in your ability