Things People Enjoy about BJJ in Rio: A real Brazilian BBQ!

Hard training requires good fuel, and a real Brazilian BBQ is one of the things people enjoy most about BJJ in Rio. You can’t beat the taste of flame-grilled steak, chicken and sausages and eating them with friends from the academy after a long week of training is one of the best parts of the BJJ lifestyle!

Some guests enjoying a BBQ at the Connection Rio house

Some guests enjoying a BBQ at the Connection Rio house

A BBQ in Brazil is known as a churrasco (shoo-has-ko) and people will grill all manner of meat and vegetables. It’s also traditional to serve rice and farofa (a kind of dish made with flour and eggs). All this is of course washed down with plenty of beer or soft drinks!

We have held a number of BBQs at the Connection Rio house and we always invite lots of people from different academies, both teachers and competitors. These events are a chance for people to meet and hang out in a different setting to the gym, and enjoy conversation about things other than BJJ.

Post Graduation BBQ
It’s traditional in Brazil to have a graduation ceremony twice a year, and after the promotions are given out everybody heads to a venue for a BBQ. In this video, the Gordo BJJ team enjoy a relaxed gathering and some good food – check out the video below!

This video in this post was made by Connection Rio sponsored athlete Dave Kim. He blogs weekly about his experiences training BJJ in Rio de Janeiro. Follow his experiences at BJJLibrary blog, .

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