The Weather in Rio – July to August

As Rio de Janeiro is in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are reversed for those tourists coming from places such as North America and Europe. Summer runs from November through to about March, while ‘winter’ is July-August.

If you’re from a cold country, your idea of winter is probably driving rain, meters of snow and ice hanging from tree branches. During the winter in Rio, you can still walk around in a T-shirt and flip flops.

What to Expect from The Weather in Rio

• Winter in Rio is cool and humid compared to the hotter, drier summer
• It rarely rains for more than 2-3 days in a row
• For every day or two of rain, you’ll get 4-5 of fine weather
• It can rain often, but daytime temperatures rarely drop below 20deg C (68deg F)
• Dry days are still perfect for going to the beach
• Nights get chilly (16-17deg C / 60deg F) and you’ll need a light sweater or jacket.

A light jacket is essential during wet weather but avoid a heavy coat as it may seem like the temperature must be cold because of the rain, but often you will end up sweating inside a raincoat because of the humidity.

This weather is great for training as the cooler temperatures mean visitors from colder climes won’t find it so hard to adapt to the Rio environment.

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