The real day-to-day cost of staying at Connection Rio

This blog is written by Connection Rio sponsored athlete Lee Wright, who is training BJJ in Brazil as part of our sponsorship program. Connection Rio also provides free training and accommodation for select athletes from around the world.

Most people who are planning a trip to Rio would like an idea on the costs of living, accommodation, food, transport etc.

The simple answer with accommodation is that you pay for what you get. Connection Rio offers a range of shared rooms as well as private rooms so it is very easy to find something to suit your budget.

Eating out in and around near the Connection Rio houses is inexpensive compared to back in the UK. Good examples would be Tia’s, a popular local lunch cafe just around the corner, which has a R$12 buffet (around £4). Canto Alegre is a great restaurant only 5 mins away from the house where you can get a good meal and drink for around R$23 (around £7).

There is a decent-sized supermarket called Mundial very close to Connection Rio, I buy most of my food here and cook at the house. You can buy a packet of chicken breasts for around R$8 (around £2.50) so this place is perfect if you’re planning on a longer-term stay and need to budget a little more.

The Brazilian BBQ all you can eat places are awesome, they aren’t somewhere I would eat on a regular basis as it’s a little more expensive at around R$50 – R$60 but you have to go at least once if you are visiting Rio – the steak here is something else!

Connection Rio sponsored athlete Lee Wright (bottom) on the mat at Gordo BJJ – pic by

Connection Rio sponsored athlete on the mat at Gordo BJJ – pic by

Training is going really well now, the injuries have healed and I am back on the mats putting in the hours!

The last 3 weeks we have had black belt world champion Brago Neto back training at Gordo’s as he prepares to compete in the Copa Podio tournament against some of the top black belts in the world/ It is unbelievable watching this guy train; he is also a really cool guy and always makes time to give people technical advice. His teaching skills are second to none and he has taught a few of the classes while Gordo was away.

We also have another black belt from the USA training at Gordo’s at the moment, Julio Echeverria, who teaches BJJ in California. I had some really good training with this guy and he has showed some really cool techniques to the guys at the gym.

Now is a great time to be in Rio!

Connection Rio is the best combination of accommodation and BJJ training in Rio de Janeiro. Contact us today and plan your trip to train BJJ in Rio.

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