The Late Master Osvaldo Paqueta

Master Osvaldo “Paqueta” holding his Red Belt certificate. Paqueta said the only certificate that really mattered was his university diploma majoring in pedagogy

Master Osvaldo Paqueta, graduated to black belt by his best friend the late Carlson Gracie, passed this Friday August 03, in his Copacabana apartment, resulting from a fatal heart attack at the age of 73.

Osvaldo Paqueta standing next to a photo of himself in his prime.

Paqueta was best known for his immense archive of BJJ and MMA videos he kept. Master Paqueta as a representative of Carlson Gracie fought for the honor of his professor in bare knuckle Vale Tudo on a number of occasions. During his time as an athlete there where no weight limits and rules where nearly non-existent. One of Master Paqueta’s favorite fights of his own, he traveled alone to the arena by bus for a full day, without money to pay for food, arriving just hours before the match. There he fought a grueling, bloody battle to a draw.
In present day the master was almost always smiling and greeted his friends with open arms.

Master Osvaldo Paqueta, holding up one of his favorite t-shirts

The funeral will take place today, August 4th on the Island of Paqueta where he was raised (after which he received his nickname), at 1pm. To arrive in time for the service, attendees must catch the ferry from Praca XV in Centro by 10:15am.


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