The Effect of Training Jiu-Jitsu in Rio

Halfway through my trip to Brazil, it’s time to talk about the effect of training jiu-jitsu in Rio. I have been here for just over 7 weeks now and I have been able to experience a vast array of jiu jitsu styles, met lots of great people and been able to live the jiu jitsu life style to fullest.

Since my arrival here I have estimated I have been able to train with upwards of 40 different black belts plus many other highly talented brown and purple belts which has been some of the very best sparring I have ever had. The majority of my training is being done at Gordo jiu jitsu and I have been very fortunate to have been learning from some really knowledgeable and helpful instructors, all of whom bring their own unique teaching style and outlook on jiu jitsu.

Master Weber a 2nd degree black belt at Gordos has been a huge help despite speaking limited english has been working very hard on helping me improve my passing game and his tireless effort to make sure everything is perfect is a great motivation. Also I have been learning a lot from Master Pitoco, a very skilled 5th degree black belt, who is like a walking encyclopaedia of jiu jitsu knowledge, I have found his teachings and help to be priceless, he has a very good way of breaking down a person’s game and giving you the right advice to improve one’s game , and his constant motivation and encouraging words make him a great person to be around.

Connection Rio sponsored athlete Jamie Hughes

Connection Rio sponsored athlete Jamie Hughes

And finally a black belt called Thiago at Gordo’s is also becoming a huge influence on my jiu jitsu here, in my opinion he is one of the most technical and smoothest grapplers I have had the pleasure of training with and learning from, Thiago has a great teaching style to go along with his very well rounded jiu jitsu, and the sparring I get with him is a big eye opener to another level of jiu jitsu that can be attained with hard work.

Overall I feel my jiu jitsu is coming on a lot here in Rio, not massive changes but little tweaks and areas being tightened up and new techniques and concepts being integrated into my game and the high level of sparring is always forcing me to analyse techniques a little bit closer to make sure they will be effective against high level practitioners. I am really looking forward to continuing my education here with all the great teachers and sparring partners I have on offer here in my remaining 7 weeks and I have no doubt I will be returning a home a much better jiu jitsu practitioner than when I arrived.

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