The Best Supplement for BJJ?

Choosing the supplement for BJJ is a difficult prospect, as there are so many on the market that claim to offer different benefits. From increased energy to speedier recovery, these pills and powders are sold as the answer to all your problems.

There is one supplement for BJJ that almost everyone agrees works, and that’s acai!

Somewhere between an ice-cream and a smoothie in texture and eaten with a spoon from a cup or bowl, acai is a delicious snack that is incredibly popular with the jiu-jitsu community. Legend has it that it was a business acquaintance of the Gracie family who first brought acai to Rio de Janeiro in the mid 20th Century during Carlos Gracie’s investigation and creation of the Gracie Diet.

The dark little berry from the North East of Brazil is a potent little fellow packed full of anthocyanins and flavonoids and all manner of good stuff, from omega acids to anti-imflammatory properties. The best thing about acai is it tastes great.

There have been a number of acai berry scams in the last few years, ranging from pyramid schemes to outright fake acai-products. We recommend ditching any and all of these products and companies and to focus just on the actual dish itself. Powders, teas, drinks and other such stuff is unproven in it’s benefits and is often over-priced.

Almost everyone who comes to Connection Rio develops a taste for acai, which is available almost everywhere in Rio, from bakeries and cafes to juice stands and even supermarkets.

Debate over who sells or makes the best acai is a hot topic! Everyone has their favourite local spot, but most people seem to favor Bibi Sucos.

Acai is mixed with guarana syrup and blended to form a smooth frozen dessert-type consistency. People will often add various toppings and extras such as banana and granola to take the acai from a snack to a small meal. Full of calories, it’ll keep you fuelled between hard training sessions.

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