Surfing & Jiu-Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro with Connection Rio

Can a group of grapplers learn to surf? Find out in this video! 7th degree black belt Master of BJJ Sylvio Behring is an avid surfer.

We arranged for the Connection Rio guests to take part in a special group lesson on the beautiful Barra beach. This is just one of the many amazing experiences Connection Rio offers – from touring favelas and visiting the best BJJ gyms in Rio, to surfing with BJJ masters and more… Connection Rio is the BEST way to enjoy jiu-jitsu in Rio de Janeiro!

From training and accommodation to academy visits and special tours, and even small group classes with the best teachers Rio has to offer, Connection Rio offers everything you need for the perfect jiu-jitsu holiday!

Connection Rio is the best combination of accommodation and BJJ training in Rio de Janeiro. Contact us today and plan your trip to train BJJ in Rio!

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  1. Oh my! What a combination! These are interesting things in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks for posting!
  2. [...] list of BJJ black belts who are keen surfers is endless: Rickson Gracie, BJ Penn, Royler Gracie, Sylvio Behring, and many [...]

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