Summer Days in Rio & Coaching/Training No Gi at New Gym

Another week down in beautiful Rio de Janiero! The temperatures this week were in the upper 30’s to low 40’s so when not on the mat or working I spent a large portion of my time in the pool.

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It is nice that whenever it gets just too hot I can just go outside for a quick swim. There have been frequent daily trips to both Barra and Joatinga beaches from everyone in the house. We have a couple of guys at CR who surf frequently back home and they used the weekend downtime to surf fix up a couple of boards ride here in Barra.

On Saturday Nicole had some friends over and after they cooked some delicious Brazilian food, everyone got in the pool. With a few Brazilian girls in the pool it didn’t take long for the rest of the house to suddenly “decide” to go for a swim. Before we knew it about half the house was relaxing and joking in the pool. That night a few guys went out to one of the clubs while a group of us stayed in to watch the UFC fights at the house.

Training No-Gi in Rio

On Monday a large group of us from CR headed down to Humaita for Rio Fighters first official luta livre class. While there has been pro MMA training going on, the gym did not officially open until Monday.

There were around 30 guys on the mat for the inaugural, many of which were luta livre black belts. The rolling was competitive and faced paced. The guys weren’t mean or dirty, they were just plan tough. You had to fight for every inch, everybody had a very never never say die attitude and refuse to accept a negative position. It actually reminded me a ton of a wrestling practice, so in other words I felt at home. I had a very fun roll with a luta livre black belt that sent us from one side of the mat to the other.

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New Job!

I am training full time now at Rio Fighters. In addition to that I am happy to also say that I am the wrestling coach at Rio Fighters. I am teaching there two days a week and training there everyday. The gym is a great fit for me.

The style is very aggressive yet technical which allows me to really embrace my wrestling mentality and learn to adjust it towards luta livre, BJJ, and MMA. After every training session I walk out of there tired but feeling great because I know I made improvements over the course of the training. Being there training just feels right.

Milton said part of the reason he wanted me to coach/train there was because my style of coaching and wrestling compliments his style of grappling, coaching and fighting. He wants fast paced hard practices for the wrestling classes, with a college wrestling intensity. Another cool thing is when I am coaching Milton is just another one of the guys training, he is there to train hard and learn.


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