Staying Safe in Rio de Janeiro: advice and tips from people who’ve been there

Almost everyone who wants to visit Rio de Janeiro is concerned about safety. Six people who have stayed at the Connection Rio guest house give their best advice for staying out of trouble.

The Connection Rio guest house is situated in one of the safest and most peaceful parts of Rio de Janeiro. If you wish to explore the city, you should definitely take heed of the following advice from six Connection Rio guests (past and present) who all passed their time in Brazil without incident.

Michael Tlalka
Staying safe in Rio is not exactly rocket science and doesn’t differ much from the advice I’d give to people visiting any large city:
1: Avoid shady areas at night
2. Use your common sense and avoid confrontations
3. Try not to stick out too much from the crowd.

Be careful when you head out at night in strange places

Be careful when you head out at night in strange places

Lee Wright
I always felt safe in Rio, the main thing is just to use common sense. For example, don’t go wondering around a favela with your iPhone out! Avoid drawing any unwanted attention to yourself, just blend in with the crowd and you will have no problems.

Sean Coates
I never had any problems either, just by not being an idiot. Common sense is 99% of safety. If someone says that a place is a bad area, don’t go there. If there is a place you are uncertain about try not to go there alone and don’t go down some shady backstreet. Most importantly, if you think you might be in danger then get out of there.

Davey Morehead
I felt very safe the entire time I was in Rio. The neighbourhood where the Connection Rio house is in a very nice area. Even when venturing out into less desirable areas, just use common sense. Don’t flash money or expensive electronics. As an extra measure of security, I wore a fanny pack – no matter how much my housemates ribbed me for it!

Barra da Tijuca, one of the safest neighbourhoods and where you'll find the Connection Rio guest house

Barra da Tijuca, one of the safest neighbourhoods and where you’ll find the Connection Rio guest house

David Garcia
I never had any problems during my stay in Rio. Even when I walked around rough neighborhoods, like Meier. The most I ever got was a few funny looks, but I tend to get that anywhere I go! I always did my best to just blend in, actual casual, and not look like a blatant tourist. Whenever I ventured into sketchier areas I tried to be in a group or with somebody else, but was never worried if I was alone in Barra.
The best advice I could give someone would be make friends with the locals, they know the do’s and don’ts of walking around neighbourhoods and of course being seen walking with a local always make you look like less of a target.

Torryn Heffelfinger
I haven’t had any issues while here in Rio. Use common sense and be aware if your surroundings. Always walk with confidence, even if you feel unsure. I lost count of how many times I took the wrong bus to less than desirable places but if you shrug it off like you are supposed to be there chances are you won’t have a problem.

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