Staph Infection: Do you Wash your belt?

Are you concerned about Staph infections? Do you wash your belt? Not long ago we came across this link on one of several frequented Jiu-jitsu forums on bacteria and Jiu-jitsu, thanks to SlideyFoot of (often found on Jiu-jitsu Forums). The original conversation stemmed from ever going argument of weather or not to wash belts and lead into this well written post “Tangled Triangle” by a microbiologist who made her dissertation on MERSA. Knowledge is the key in this case and there are a number of facts to be learned from the Tangled Triangle post. After reading this informative article, you may change your habits if you tend to linger after training before jumping in the shower. If nothing else this read could help many Jiu-jitsu practitioners to prevent the spread of disease on the mat through simple habits of cleanliness.

Take a look at this great post: READ Tangled Triangle

Do you wash your belt?

Thank you SlideyFoot and Megan.

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word!
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    Thank you very much for the informative write up Megan!

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