Torryn Heffelfinger


26-year-old Torryn is from Michigan in the USA and was a collegiate wrestler who moved to Brazil to pursue his dream of training and competing in BJJ, no-gi and MMA. A blue belt in jiu-jitsu, he regularly trains alongside high-level black belts, luta livre submission fighters, Olympic wrestlers and UFC fighters, and has visited many of the gyms around Rio as part of the regular Connection Rio academy visits.

His easy going manner and hard work ethic have opened many doors for Torryn. He’s been lucky to train with UFC fighters including Erick Silva, Paulo Thiago, Gleison Tibau and Milton Vieira, and has joined in special invitation-only training sessions with the elite military police force “BOPE”. He recently competed in a freestyle match against a Brazilian wrestler at the “Luta Contra Crack” event, winning on points.

Torryn is sponsored by Connection Rio and Pride Fightwear and divides his training between a number of gyms in Rio. He coaches wrestling to local MMA fighters, and is a regular training partner for the developing freestyle wrestling team of the Rio de Janeiro state Olympic wrestling federation. He makes sure to get at least a couple of gi sessions in every week and plans to compete soon.

You can read about Torryn’s training on the Connection Rio blog and also on his website “Training the Dream

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