21 year old Abdallah Nabas is from Jordan and is a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Currently in Rio de Janeiro to train jiu-jitsu, this is his third time in four years of staying at Connection Rio.

A member of Team Mirza, Abdallah had his own gym in Jordan called Makhai Academy, but has relocated to Rio de Janeiro for the coming months to train and compete as much as possible. An avid competitor, Abdallah won a gold medal in a FJJD Rio state tournament in March 2012 at blue belt. He was promoted to purple in the following July upon returning home to Jordan.

When in Rio, Nabas has trained at Gordo Ju-Jitsu and Checkmat. Though he fought MMA once in 2011, he is focussing his energies and efforts on improving in jiu-jitsu. Based in the Connection Rio HQ house in Barrinha, Nabas can be found on the mats twice a day at Gordo’s and enjoys drilling in the house between sessions.

Asian Cup (Abu Dhabi) December 2012
Gold (gi) -74Kg Purple
Gold (no gi) -74Kg Purple

Emirates Cup December 2010
Gold (no gi) Open weight Blue belt

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