Connection Rio Sponsored Athletes

Connection Rio provides sponsorship to select athletes from the world of BJJ and MMA. We are proud to work with grapplers, martial artists and fighters who reflect the character and ethics of our brand, namely:

• A positive outlook on life
• Always striving to be the best they can be
• A desire to experience BJJ across the world
• Giving back to BJJ by helping others

We offer free accommodation for BJJ athletes of blue belt and above in Rio de Janeiro for anywhere between 1 and 6 months, and we can help arrange kimono / gear sponsors upon arrival.

Since starting our sponsorship program we’ve helped athletes from countries including Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Jordan, Poland and the UK.

For information on how to apply please use our contact form and include details of yourself, including your age, rank, location, competition history if applicable and such. Mark the subject field ‘Sponsorship Enquiry’.

Current Connection Rio Sponsored Athletes


Past Connection Rio Sponsored Athletes

Lee Wright BJJ sponsored athlete_AbdallahNabas_JamieHughes_Michael Tlalka BJJ sponsored athlete

Marcin Held MMA fighter

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