Some Tips on Beach lifestyle in Rio de Janeiro

Nothing will mark you out as a gringo more than what you do at the beach – Cariocas have been going there their whole lives, and there is a special culture that goes with it. Don’t be a gringo by using these tips.

Some Info About The Beaches
Each beach in Rio has it’s own very different flavor and feel. Even different sections of the same beaches can vary wildly in the space of a few hundred meters, or less. The main beaches in Rio are marked by posts (called Postos) and it’s common to use them as landmarks for many reasons. Somebody might tell you they live near Posto Seis (Post 6) in Copacabana, or Posto Dez (Post 10) in Ipanema.

Barra beach

Barra beach

The beach is a place to see and be seen, to meet friends, to exercise… the list is endless. The main beaches in Rio where people hang out are Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Sao Conrado, Praia dos Amores, Barra and Recreio.

Don't be a gringo! Be brave and wear sungas

Don’t be a gringo! Be brave and wear sungas

Wear the Right Clothes
Cariocas love to feel the sun on their bodies. That means small bikinis for women, and usually ‘Speedo’ style swim trunks for guys. Foreigners are usually uncomfortable with this at first, but nobody will care what you look like – unless you come to the beach wearing a T-shirt, or similar. Board shorts are OK for guys as they’re now considered fashionable, but most guys wear them to the beach with trunks (called sungas) underneath, then take off the shorts when they’re on the sand.

Act Like a Carioca
Don’t take lot’s of stuff to the beach. Just some money will do. You can rent a chair and an umbrella, and the many beach sellers will keep you full of food and drinks at low prices. All you will need is a small bag (like one of our Connection Rio drawstring bags) to carry some sunscreen (which is essential). Leave any rucksacks at home and NEVER take a plastic shopping bag to the beach – this is SO uncool.


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