Sponsored Athletes Have Been Shortlisted, Will Train BJJ in Rio

When we announced that we would offer sponsorships to people looking to live and train BJJ in Rio de Janeiro, we expected a big response.

What we didn’t expect was the high quality of applications that were sent to us.

We never said we were looking for the next world champion. It’s always been our desire to offer this opportunity to whoever deserved it, regardless of belt colour or ability.

What we wanted was someone passionate about jiu-jitsu, someone who exuded positivity and would fit in well with both the mission and the existing team members of Connection Rio.

The submissions we received were from average guys, guys like you, but who were keen on fulfilling the dream of training BJJ in the homeland of the Arte Suave and had the drive and desire to put themselves forward for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Over the next year, Connection Rio will help a group of people embark on a very special journey. Jiu-jitsu has the power to change people’s lives, and living and training BJJ in Rio de Janeiro is a truly life-changing experience.

The first wave of suitable applicants will by now be receiving an email from us letting them know there is a place for them in Rio.

Thank you to everyone who applied, and to those who were successful – we’ll see you soon.

Dennis A. Asche
Connection Rio

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