How Safe is Rio de Janeiro? The Answer Is…

Some commonly asked questions we receive are: “How safe is Rio de Janeiro? Is crime a problem? Will I be staying in a nice area?”

The answers are as follows:

A: Rio is as safe as you make it.
B: Crime exists, but if you take care of yourself and minimize risk as much as possible, you should pass your entire trip without incident.
C: The area where the Connection Rio house is located is among the safest and nicest in all of Rio.

Members of the elite police unit BOPE running along Ipanema beach

Members of the elite police unit BOPE running along Ipanema beach

Rio has a reputation for being unsafe due to a few high profile movies in recent years, such as City of God and Elite Troop. But in reality, Rio de Janeiro is like any other big city in the world.

Street crime is at an all-time low, and things look only to get better as the authorities make an effort to prepare the city for the upcoming FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.

Police presence in Rio de Janeiro is very visible, and they make regular patrols to make sure everybody is safe. From walking the main shopping streets to setting up stalls on the beach, there are always officers at hand should you need.

In the photo to the right, you can see 9 members of the famous BOPE running along Ipanema beach. These guys have a reputation as one of the toughest police units in the world, nobody messes with them and seeing them out like this definitely makes you feel safe!

How To Stay Safe

Here are some tips for staying safe:
• Don’t wear expensive jewellery or watches if you’re out on the streets.
• Keep an expensive smart phone or camera in your pocket or bag and use it discretely.
• Carry smaller amounts of cash on you, and leave any cards you’re not using at home.
• Keep your passport locked safely away and avoid taking it out with you unless competely necessary

Responsibility lies with you to make sure you remain safe, follow the above advice and enjoy your time in Brazil!

Article written by Hywel Teague

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