Bike Rio – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Biking the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is an unforgettable experience.

Guanabara bay and Crist statue from Flamengo bike path

The vibrant colours of this beautiful city come to life as you feel the breeze on your face while seeing much more than you would on foot, without letting too much pass you by as in a motor vehicle. If that does not convince you, riding a bike through Rio is great exercise. As a foreigner to Brazil, I was at first hesitant to navigate the city streets by bike as a genuine means of transportation. Fortunately there have been many changes for the better in Rio de Janeiro over the past decade, including improved roads, additional bike paths, better regulated traffic and above all much improved public safety.

While my commute may be more than the average visitor to Rio would like to experience, I strongly recommend making the most of the bike paths throughout this beautiful city. In Zona Sul the bike paths stretch from Centro to Leblon. There are also paths along Sao Corrado’s beach and from Barra to Recreio. The experience is well worth a ride!

Local resource for bike rentals in Rio de Janeiro – FREE BIKE
City of Rio de Janeiro – Official Page

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