Rio BJJ Tours with Connection Rio

Rio BJJ tours has been a great opportunity for Connection Rio guests to see Jiu-jitu academies in Rio de Janeiro. During the 2011 year we had a number of tours to Rio BJJ academies, in conjunction with the Real Rio Show. Although Real Rio Show filming is currently on hold, while in the middle of negotiating a Brazilian network television deal for season two, Connection Rio is still as active as ever. We are always willing and ready to visit BJJ academies in Rio with our academy tours. Take a look at some of the World famous BJJ academies we visited on the Real Rio Show season 1 (pilot series). From BTT, Nova Uniao, RFT, De La Riva to Gordo Jiu-jitsu, Connection Rio guests have been well received on our academy tours. We look forward to many great outings in this year of 2012 and hope that you are here to join us!

Keep your eye on Connection Rio Facebook and CR Official site for upcoming academy tours.

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