Ricardo De La Riva Jiu-jitsu: BJJ Hacks Short film

Ricardo De La Riva is rightfully one of Jiu-jitsu’s legends, having developed one of the most widely recognized and most popular positions, “De La Riva Guard”.

BJJ Hacks journalist and film maker Hywel Teague has now released an insightful, well produced short documentary on De La Riva. In the documentary you will get to know the inventor of a position that has played a significant part in evolving BJJ into what we see today.

Director Hywel Teague continues to evolve BJJ Hacks videos with new tricks and even a voice over by Mr. BJJ Hacks himself!


Hywel Teague awarded Brown Belt by De La Riva (photo by Carol Folegatti)

Hywel Teague awarded Brown Belt by De La Riva        (photo by Carol Folegatti)


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