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When asked; ‘what does CR mean for me?’ it seems immediately fairly obvious … Jiu-jitsu! A kind of hub where like minded people with a common interest can come, regardless of ability, and take advantage first hand of the decades of combined knowledge and experience that Rio has to offer.

Kyle at the BJJ Hostel

However, having spent an extended period of time here in Rio and specifically at CR there are certain aspects which could be overlooked or under appreciated. For me some of the greater benefits of staying/living here are the other guests. Having a constant turnover of new jiujiteiros passing through the doors, each with varying experience, skill sets and concepts of the art creates an environment where you are constantly able to discuss, study and improve each other’s games. On top of this is the in house tatami which you can immediately put into practice your ideas via drilling or straight up rolling, a privilege most people don’t have. Whether it’s Christmas, carnaval or just a regular week day, a peaceful sunny afternoon can swiftly turn into a mat full of sweaty guys and girls trying to choke each other!

BJJ in-house at THE BJJ Hostel


Along with this comes another benefit…motivation! In the words of Joe Rogan some days your inner bitch is strong, so being surrounded by other driven, focused people who are striving to improve on a daily basis can be exactly the motivation needed to get off your arse and get it done!

Talking BJJ Technique


“It’s important to remember that CR is a HOSTEL, not a HOTEL.”

It’s important to remember that CR is a hostel, not a hotel. Of course living in a hostel can come with some difficulties. When at full capacity it can be testing to deal with everyone’s quirks and living (bad) habits. But for me this and the sacrifice of a few home comforts is a minor price to pay for the opportunity to live in the cradle and soak up as much jiu jitsu as possible direct from the source.

Kyle BJJ Hostel Front Yard

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To summarise I can say that Connection Rio really does represent just that…connections!!! The connections you make here within the bjj community, training partners, professors and genuine friendships for life. Friendships where you try to choke the hell out of each other on a daily basis, in my opinion the best type of friendship!Kyle Levrier, UK

Connection Rio Jiu-jitsu Hostel, we are where you want to be! Join us here in Rio de Janeiro. Contact CR BJJ Hostel today and book your stay! 

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