Private BJJ lessons in Brazil

With more BJJ black belts in Brazil than anywhere else in the world, Rio de Janeiro is the perfect place to get private BJJ lessons in Brazil.

Every academy has multiple professors and instructors who can offer their advice and coach you on aspects of the art suave. Whether you’re looking to learn the specialist area of a known master or just brush up on your own style, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Private BJJ lessons in Brazil

Visitors to Rio de Janeiro are often surprised by how much less instruction and technical coaching they are used to compared to back home. In Brazil, it’s common to only show a couple of techniques maximum, and time drilling these techniques is considerably less than what you might be used to.

People often wonder how the Brazilians get so good – the answer is private lessons. The 1-to-1 teaching method goes all the way back to the Gracie Academy of the 40s and 50s, where there were no group classes and all lessons were conducted in this intimate manner. Though open training sessions became the norm, people still understood the value of private BJJ lesson.

There is the opportunity to work with big names such as academy owners or former world champions, but sometimes it is better to work with an ‘unknown’ black belt who is an excellent teacher.

As Connection Rio sponsored athlete Lee Wright explains, “I took around ten private lessons with one of Gordo’s black belts Thiago. All the stuff I learnt has helped my game immensely and helped me transition from blue to purple belt.”

“I also finished one of my competition fights in 30 seconds with a technique I learnt in one of the private lessons with him. If you are serious about improving I don’t think you can put a price on one-to-one training with many of the top guys available in Rio.”

If you’re interested in booking a private BJJ lesson contact us and let us know what you are interested in and we will advise the best option for you.

From training and accommodation to academy visits and special tours, and even small group classes with the best teachers Rio has to offer, Connection Rio offers everything you need for the perfect jiu-jitsu holiday!

Take a look at our brochure – we’ve got houses with pools, huge gardens, and apartments next to the beach: all within 30 seconds walk of top BJJ gyms in Rio!

Connection Rio is the best combination of accommodation and BJJ training in Rio de Janeiro. Contact us today and plan your trip to train BJJ in Rio!

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