Portuguese for Foreigners in Rio de Janeiro – Looking for Food

Portuguese for foreigners in Rio de Janeiro should be a consideration for anyone traveling to the city. To make the most of this beautiful city (that has an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables) is to first know where to look, then what to ask for – and how! .

The Portuguese words legumes/vegetais mean vegetables and frutas means fruits.

If organic produce is your preference, look or ask for the almost identical word “organico”, as in frutas organicas. With it’s tropical climate Rio de Janeiro has an impressive variety of fruits and vegetables (even growing in the wild).

Markets with the name “Hortifruti” are most commonly associated with the best fruits and vegetables around, something every athlete or traveler with a healthy diet should be looking for. In addition to the Hortifruti stores there are many street markets that also offer great variety and prices for most any fruits or vegetables.

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