The 3 types of People who Train Jiu-Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro

You can find martial arts training anywhere in the world. There are jiu-jitsu teachers on every continent, with most champions now living in the USA. But nowhere else do you get to enjoy the jiu-jitsu lifestyle like you do in Rio de Janeiro.

People come to train BJJ in Rio for many different reasons. Some want to get ready for a competition or a fight. Some want to develop their technical level and further their understanding of the art. Some just want to soak up the sights and sounds of a beautiful city where it just so happens you can train jiu-jitsu too.

Whatever your reason for wanting to train BJJ in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro has got something to offer.

Part-Time Jiu-Jitsu Lovers
Come to Rio and you’ll enjoy a city with beautiful beaches, a vibrant nightlife, friendly locals and plenty of amazing activities. From drinking and dancing all night in the party center of Lapa, to chilling under the sun on Barra beach, to surfing in Recreio or hang gliding in Sao Conrado.

If you’re looking for a place where you can train a bit of jiu-jitsu, but kick back and have fun while you’re not in the gym, Rio is the place.

Jiu-Jitsu Fanatics
There are more jiu-jitsu gyms in Rio than maybe any other city in the world. Here you can find grand masters, 7th degree coral belts, former world champions, current World, PanAm, European and Brazilian champions, and even the stars of tomorrow.

Not only will you meet the cream of the jiu-jitsu crop, you can check out and train at the many jiu-jitsu academies across the city and experience the different games and styles that make them special. From the dynamic passing of Checkmat to the competition-orientated Alliance or Carlson Gracie, it’s all here.

With the opportunity to take small classes or even private lessons with black belts of all levels, Rio has got more jiu-jitsu than anyone could ever want.

Professional Athletes
You want to train without distraction, multiple times a day. You need a gym with all the facilities and a place to stay where you can rest and be comfortable. You want to be in a place where it’s easy to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Rio de Janeiro boasts some of the top gyms in the world, such as Brazilian Top Team, X-Gym, the Nogueira Training Center, Nova Uniao, RFT and more. Many professional athletes call these home and you will find the highest-level training partners around in all disciplines- jiu-jitsu, no-gi grappling, wrestling, Muay Thai and MMA.

With easy access to many local gyms and transport to desired academies, organising an intensive camp is straight-forward and hassle-free.

From training and accommodation to academy visits and special tours, and even small group classes with the best teachers Rio has to offer, Connection Rio offers everything you need for the perfect jiu-jitsu holiday!

Connection Rio is the best combination of accommodation and BJJ training in Rio de Janeiro. Contact us today and plan your trip to train BJJ in Rio!

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