Now You Can Train BJJ inside the Connection Rio House!

Remember when I said we matted the entire upper deck at the Connection Rio Premier house? Well, I’m happy to report that these mats are now CR property! We have enough mats for the entire living room in HQ, the upper deck at the Premier house AND the living room of the new appartments over at Olegario Maciel (coming soon!).

This blog was written by Peter, Connection Rio house manager. He’ll be blogging weekly on life and training BJJ in Rio de Janeiro.

Last week has been a rainy one in Rio so guests have been putting the new mats to good use, drilling in between training sessions. Having the option of training inside the house when it’s pouring is definitely one of the better luxuries as a grappler. On top of that, you get to exchange techniques and knowledge with people from all around the world, something that has improved my jiu-jitsu a lot in the past.

Mats at the Connection Rio house

Mats at the Connection Rio house

As if that wasn’t enough, CR’s main man Dennis Asche hooked us up with bi-weekly classes on Saturday, taught by Edson Diniz. Edson is a third degree black belt under Rogerio Poggio and one of the main coaches at American Top Team in Miami. During his grappling carreer, he managed to pick up a world championship (as a brown belt), multiple PanAm titles and a no-gi world championship.

Last Saturday we had our first (no gi) session with Edson. Since most of us usually train in the gi, he decided to go over kneebars, heel hooks and straight ankle locks, topics that usually don’t come up in normal BJJ training. He believes strongly in combining techniques from sambo, BJJ, judo and wrestling, as they all
belong under the same umbrella of grappling, which means you could face any of these in competition and you better know how to handle them.

In the foreseeable future we’ll also have Gustavo Coelho, a Draculino black belt, teaching class at the house. Just one more reason to come down!

All photos by William Burkhardt of BJJ Pix, go here for the full album!

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