Moving to Brazil: the Epic Blog by Jeremy Arel

The Moving to Brazil blog was started on Sherdog Grappling forum, in 05/06/2009 by Jeremy Arel. Jeremy, being one of two foreign athletes who have attained the rank of black belt under Roberto “Gordo” Correa here in Rio de Janeiro was able to tell his story of success through this very blog.

When “Moving to Brazil” was originally started I don’t think that anyone had an idea of how popular it would eventually become. Within a few months it seemed all of the Sherdog Grappling forum was following to see what would happen next. Then it began to spread from forum to forum like wild fire. People who didn’t even spend time on Sherdog or on forums at all where signing up just to read and comment on Jeremy’s thread. The blog become so popular that Brazilians in Rio where following and on his return to the US Jeremy was recognised in academies he visited from the photos in his posts.

From the academy, daily life, eating out, Carioca culture to the women, Jeremy covered his bases and shared his adventures with the World. The stories progress as does Jeremy on the road to success. The Moving to Brazil blog is still epic and has inspired many to live their dreams through the success story of Jeremy Arel. Earning his brown and then black belts under Roberto Correa in Rio paved the way for his academy Great Grappling where he teaches now in Charlotte, North Carolina.



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