MMA in Rio de Janeiro: Bitetti Combat Fri 6 Sep

This weekend will see another great event of MMA in Rio de Janeiro, considered one of the most important events in Latin America: Bitetti Combat #17, created by double jiu-jitsu world champion Amaury Bitetti and co.

Bitetti Combat 17 once again brings a card full of great athletes to the gym Botafogo in Rio de Janeiro.
Here’s the full card of the event:

1.Fight Rookie 57 Kg
Arthur Soares ( Careca MMA) X Augustin Zas ( Carlson Gracie / Baixinho)

2. Fight Rookie 77 Kg
Daniel Ferreira ( Comando Barra/Reyzinho ) X Mateus Silva ( PRVT )

3. Fight Rookie to 120 KG
Rodrigo “ Nocaut” ( Niggue ) X Andre luis de almeida ( Relma )

4. Preliminary fight 63 Kg
Reynaldo “Reyzinho” (ATT/Comando Barra ) X Jonatan Feitosa ( Caverna )

5. Preliminary fight 84 Kg
Mardone Sampaio (Eugenio Tadeu) X Daniel Oliveira ( PRVT )

6. Preliminary fight 66 Kg
Rafael Palhares ( Nova União ) X Bruno Camargo ( Crazy Fight )

7. Fight Card Principal 61 Kg
Amaury Junior (BTT) X Denison Silva (PRVT)

8. Fight Card Principal 61 Kg
Geraldo de Freitas ( BTT ) X Doni Terrier ( Sparta Fight Club)

9. Fight Card Principal 58 Kg
Tiago “ Grillo“( Careca MMA ) X Paulo Irmão ( Sparta Fight Club )

10. Fight Card Principal 70 Kg
Alex “Cowboy” ( TFT ) X Fábio Mocotó ( Sparta Fight Club )

11. Main Fight: 93 KG Semi-Final GP
Bira Lima ( XGYM ) X .Luis Philipe Monstro ( Nova União )

Reyzinho Duarte

Reyzinho Duarte

We talked a little with American Top Team fighter, Reyzinho Duarte, friend and training partner of our sponsored athletre Torryn Heffelfinger.

CR: Is your first time fighting on this event?
Reyzinho: This is my debut at the event.

CR: Do you know your opponent? How has your training?
R: I do not know much about my adversary, in fact, almost nothing… I’m training hard for this fight.

How can we watch the fight?
A: I want to invite everyone to go watch the event, my fight and that of my training partner Daniel Ferreira. Who cannot go will be able to watch live on Canal Combat for free. I’d like to thank my sponsors: Bar 399, The Jota Alves Bar, Sponsors Adding Sports & Entertainment, Fenix Sportswear and especially Fancaire Fight Gear. It was bad for short answers because I do not like to talk … I prefer to fight!

Speaking about Reyzinho, our man Torryn said this: “The training at Reyzinho’s is really good. Throughout the week the workouts consist of boxing/muay thai, wrestling, nogi and conditioning – with Reyzinho usually teaching BJJ at night. Each part of the training has specific coaches who come in work with the guys.

“The majority of the fighters there are brown or black belts in BJJ or luta livre and most have a ton of experience in MMA. This means that the level of training partners is really high. The biggest thing is that the team is close it has a real family feel to it with, there is a lot of joking around in between training, but when it comes to training everyone works hard to make each other better.”

Bitetti Combat will be held on Friday, 6/09 at 8pm, at Botafogo Football Club

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