Minotauro CT: Training with the Nog Brothers in Rio

As promised Connection Rio brought a group from CR BJJ hostels to train at the Minotauro CT in Recreio dos Banderantes. The group where able to train with both Nogueira brothers, who donned their kimonos and participated in class, both teaching and rolling.

Melyssa Hutchinson with Rogerio “Minotouro” Nogueira

The class worked on specifics of finishing Omoplatas for a fair amount of time to begin with. Then came the rolling and they gave plenty of time for all participants to get their fill of training.

Training BJJ at Minotauro CT, Recreio

After all was said and done it was a good class with plenty of roll time and photos/autographs with the Nogueira brothers to end the night. Good experience for all who visited the Nogueira CT with Connection Rio.

More visits to the Minotauro CT are in the plans for CR BJJ hostels, keep an eye on Connection Rio’s facebook page for upcoming events, tours and group outings.


For more information on the best combination of accommodation and training in Rio de Janeiro, contact Connection Rio!


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