Milton Vieira, BTTs Rising Star ready for UFC

BTTs Milton Vieira is in the final phase of preparation for UFC 147 in Belo Horizonte and ready to take his place in the Worlds largest MMA event. Little credit is given to the man who introduced the Anaconda and Brabo choke to MMA (Video of Minton in Action with a quick finish).

With 20 professional fights under his belt, many of which against formidable opponents, Miltinho is ready to shine on the stage of UFC’s Octagon.

Miltinho Vieira during BJJ Hacks filming

During Miltinho’s camp at BTT in Rio de Janeiro, leading up to his debut in UFC 147 BH, BJJ Hacks documented this talented athlete’s work. BJJ Hacks put together a short documentary in one of Hywel Teague’s best films to date. This film brings together the skills of a talented journalist and film maker, dedicated to bringing the best stories to BJJ Hacks viewers.

WATCH BJJ HACKS:BJJ and Luta Livre in MMA: UFC fighter Milton Vieira

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